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श्रम विभाग, उत्तराखंड शासन

स्मार्ट कार्ड वितरण

Building & Construction Worker’s Welfare Board, Uttarakhand has taken a technological initiative to provide every labour of the State with a secured Biometric Smart Card. The Smart Card bears following information of the Labour Like Labour’s Name, Father/Husband’s Name,Sex,Age and other important Details

Smart Card Disbursement Mechanism

  • Pre Printed BOCW Smart Card
  • BOCW Smart Card is a certified SCOSTA Card used as per the several eGovernance policies laid down by Government of India. The Smart Card is printed with all the basic details of the Labor and several other vital details are stored in the Chip embedded on the Card. This Card will enable the department to check instantly the labor’s family details, details of the scheme awarded to the Labor.

  • Smart Card Printer with Chip Encoder
  • High Performance Smart Card Printer with a Chip Encoder is being installed at the site to Print the Smart Cards and encode the details on the embedded Chip within instants enabling onsite generation of the quality printed Card without any delay.

  • Finger Print (Biometric) ScannerSmart Card Printer with Chip Encoder
  • Biometric Scanner is being installed at all the sites in order to capture the finger prints of the Labor for whom the Card is being issued. The finger print scanner is a part of an ecosystem build for generating a secured Card and data of each and every Labor of the State.

  • Web Camera
  • In order to capture high quality instant photograph of the Labor, the web camera is integrated with the system.

  • Card Reader cum Writer
  • Card Reader cum Writer is provisioned at all the Department Office in order to validate the Smart Card issued to the Labors and update the details as and when required by utilizing secured system software.

About Smart Card

Smart Card stored Labour Details.The Labour’s biometric details are captured onto the card along with his family details and the details of the welfare schemes that has been issued to the Labour of the State. Complete records are maintained on a system ensuring full proof of the ecosystem so formed. The system enables the Department to get the complete details of the Schemes availed by the Labour from any District.

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